Our ProGlide Men’s Razor with FlexBall technology moves with every angle of your face for a shave that’s close and comfortable.
Our ProGlide Razor has five of our sharpest and thinnest (first 4 blades) anti-friction blades to get virtually every hair. The soft microfins before the blades gently stretch and smooth your skin, while a microcomb helps guide your hair for a close shave. An enhanced Lubrastrip with even more lubricants (vs. Fusion5) helps the blades glide across your skin to make sure your shave is extra comfortable.

Our ProGlide Razor also has a precision trimmer on the back of the blade for all those hard-to-reach spots. The trimmer is perfect for styling your facial hair.

Our ProGlide Men’s Razor with FlexBall technology gets virtually every hair with effortless glide.



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