Corn oil is a refined vegetable oil widely used in cooking and especially deep frying. It also has many other applications and is commonly used for industrial purposes or as an ingredient in cosmetics.Corn oil must go through an extensive refining process to be extracted from corn. It’s most commonly used as a frying oil due to its high smoke point but also has industrial applications.

During the process of extracting corn oil from corn, many vitamins and minerals are lost. Still, the oil has a fair amount of vitamin E.

Corn oil is 100% fat and provides 122 calories per tablespoon (15 ml). It’s mostly made of polyunsaturated omega-6 fats and contains some vitamin E.

Corn oil is high in anti-inflammatory phytosterols and other compounds that may help reduce certain heart disease risk factors, such as LDL (bad) cholesterol and total cholesterol.

Corn oil is high in inflammatory omega-6 fats and made from GMO corn. It’s also highly refined and produces harmful acrylamide when heated.


Refined Corn oil is a liquid oil suitable for cooking, baking, frying, in making margarine or our refined corn oil can be bottled as a general purpose oil especially for products high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. We export this oil worldwide using customized shipping procedures.

Supa Export sell this high quality oil at very affordable price, we follow a strict procurement procedure that make sure all our partners meet all food and health requirement in place. We sell refined corn oil in 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L and different packaging options can be arranged upon request. Below are some useful details on the specifications. However, you can contact us not for more details.

We are a dependable brand, affianced in selling refined and crude Corn Oil across the boundaries.

Specifications for Refined Corn Oil:

Relative density 0.917-0.925
Refractive index (at 40oC) (at 25oC) 1.4650-1.4680 1.4740 1.4700
Humidity and volatile substances (Max) 0.20% at 105 0C
Insoluble impurities including corn seed germ (Max) 0.50%
Saponification value (mg potassium hydroxide / g oil) 187 193
Unsaponifiable matters (g / kg) max 15.0
Soap content (max) 0. 005%
Total acidity as oleic acid (max) 0.3%
Acid value (mg potassium hydroxide / g oil) max 0.6
Peroxide value (ml equivalent active oxygen/ kg oil) max 10.0
Iodine value (Wijs method) 103- 128 Acid %
Caproic acid (C0:6)
None Caprylic acid (C0:8)
None Capric acid (C0:10)
None Lauric acid (C0:10)
None 0.3 Myristic acid (C0:14)
None 0.3 Palmitic acid (C0:16) 8.6 16.5
Palmitoleic acid (C1:16)
None 0.5 Heptadecenoic acid (C0:17)
None 0.1 Heptadecenoic acid (C1:17)
None 0.1 Stearic acid (C0:18)
None 3.3 Oleic acid (C1:18) 20.0-42.2
Linoleic acid (C2:18) 34.0-65.5
Linoleic acid (C3:18) None- 2.0
Arachidic acid (C0:20) 0.3-1.0
Gadoleic acid (C1:20) 0.2-0.6
Eicosadienoic acid (C2:20)
None-0.1 Behenic acid None- 0.5
Bihenic None 0.5
Erucic acid (C1:22)
None 0.3 Docosadienoic (C2:22)
None Lignorceric acid (C0:24) None 0.5 Nev

Storage conditions; Packed: unopened in cool dry and dark environment.

Bulk: dark, stainless steel tanks, max 30 degrees Celsius and loading in a clean tank.


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